Chrysalis Cove

Julene R Page LMT

Founder, Chrysalis Cove

Our Mission

I’ve always been drawn to the healing arts, to guide my personal journey through life as well as to help me better tend to loved ones. I’ve been practicing as a licensed massage therapist since 1998.
Prior to starting my first practice, the Seattle Body Whisperer, I worked in-house for an area chiropractor. In 2008, I joined a medical massage clinic where I specialized in medical massage and developed many tools to treat the body effectively, including, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, and Myofascial Release.

Deep tissue massage is incredibly taxing on the practitioner’s body; that’s why I started looking into other holistic modalities to see if my skills could apply to something I could do for the long term. Cranio-sacral therapy opened my eyes to an entire new world of healing. Much like how a horse whisperer communicates without words, so do I when exploring a patient’s central nervous system to discover restrictions, pain points, and areas to heal. It is incredibly rewarding to go on a journey with my clients, as we go from a place of chronic pain and discomfort into a new world of lasting relief, comfort and inner peace.

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