Alex S.
“I have seen Julene for the better part of 7 years and she has helped me tremendously with managing my scoliosis, sciatica, and various other aches and pains that have come up over the years. She is thoughtful, caring, and a wonderful massage therapist. I relied on her weekly for quite some time to help me manage pain and then and once a month after that for maintenance. I would highly recommend Julene for anyone needing care for major issues to just a relaxing massage.”

-Rebecca S.
“Julene is a wonderful massage therapist! I worked with her for 17 months and each experience was top notch. Julene is incredibly skilled at finding spots I had no idea hurt. She is gentle but firm and responds immediately if the discomfort is too high. I trust her implicitly! At the beginning of each appointment I just tell her to fix whatever I’ve messed up! ;) Whether you like a gentle, relaxing massage or are trying to manage some serious pain issues, I would highly recommend Julene!”

picture of Julene

-Leslie B.
"Julene is a miracle worker. Her skills got rid of both my frozen shoulder, and plantar fasciitis!"

-Rebecca S.
"I love cranio-sacral work! I tend to hold onto some tension during a typical medical massage, but cranio-sacral work is different. Typical massage requires significant pressure to get the muscles to loosen up, while cranio-sacral is very light pressure that, instead of loosening muscles, opens everything up. At the end of a cranio-sacral session, I get up and feel much more connected to my body. It's hard to put the exact feelings and sensations into words.

In one session Julene helped bring my attention to the place in my body that was holding onto tension from a particular situation. I always end up really feeling my parasympathetic nervous system working, which relaxes me both during and after the session. I also scheduled a cranio-sacral appointment for my autistic kiddo and the biggest thing I noticed was how easily my daughter settled into the work. Sometimes my child can be nervous around new providers, but she felt totally safe in Julene’s hands. At the beginning of the session, my child was fidgeting with her toy and a crystal, but the fidgeting slowed within minutes. By end of her session, my daughter was sound asleep, and when I woke her up, she was full of smiles. The first hour following the appointment she maintained an incredible sense of calm and flexibility with changing plans, which is tough for her, and I truly believe said calm was because of Julene’s work. It was clear to me that my child significantly benefited from their work together."